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About Buy Gabapentin Cheap and Service Offered

BuyGabapentinCheap.com is a third party owned website that researches reliable internet U.S. Pharmacy Networks and links you the customer to this innovative service. BuyGabapentinCheap.com does not directly sell or distribute prescription medications. All medications offered through this website are in accordance with State and Federal Laws. This site does not offer or link to any controlled

Does BuyGabapentinCheap.com Send out Emails?

No! If you receive an email from anyone claiming to be BuyGabapentinCheap.com, please contact us immediately as we do not send out emails of any kind. If you contact us directly we will respond to your questions and will be happy to aid you in any questions you may have about our service or our website. If you are an existing customer the Pharmacy Networks on our website will send you a refill notification reminder when you are eligible for a refill, these are the only emails relating to BuyGabapentinCheap.com you should be receiving.

How Do I Place An Order?

First choose the medication you would like to order. Next choose the Pharmacy Network that ships to your state and has the payment option you would like to use. You will then click the order button and answer an online medical questionnaire to provide information relevant to your medical condition. At this point, you will submit your order for processing.

What Happens Once I Submit My Order?

A U.S. licensed physician will review the information you have submitted and either approve or decline your request. If approved, the physician will write the prescription and send it to the pharmacy where it will be filled and shipped to you via the USPS. Your prescription will include information explaining the usage, dose, and precautionary information for your medication. You will also receive contact information for the pharmacist in case you have any questions after you receive your medication.

What Form Of Payment Does the Pharmacy Accept?

The current Pharmacy Networks offered through BuyGabapentinCheap.com accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, E-Checks, and Mail-In Money Orders as form of payment. BuyGabapentinCheap.com is a third party owned website and is not the direct Pharmacy. Furthermore, BuyGabapentinCheap.com does not directly charge you for the medication ordered.

What Are Your Privacy & Security Policies?

BuyGabapentinCheap.com is dedicated to customer privacy and security. All information furnished is legally protected under doctor-patient privilege laws.

How Does An Online Consultation Work?

Online consultations are a new concept in health care that utilize the Internet to improve patient access to physician care. The patient does not receive a traditional physical exam by the physician, but rather completes an online questionnaire and communicates with the physician using our secure online communication tool. Although online consultations will never take the place of traditional medicine, they do provide a means for patients to receive treatment for a limited number of conditions that, in certain circumstances, may not require a physical exam.

Is This Legal?

The Pharmacy Networks offered on our website adhere to all Federal and State regulations and only utilizes U.S. licensed physicians. All Pharmacies on these networks are located in the U.S. and are licensed to ship medication to the states listed on the order form. All medications are obtained from legitimate pharmaceutical wholesalers, so you rest assured you are receiving the same medication as you would at your neighborhood pharmacy.

What Are Your Shipping Rates And Policies?

We offer several different Pharmacy Networks and each has different shipping methods and shipping options, please check with the Network description on your products price page for shipping details.

Cancellation Policy

Once your order has been reviewed by a Physician your order can not be cancelled. To request a cancellation please call our Customer Service at 1-866-370-6337.

Can I Return My Medication For A Refund?

We are unable to accept returned prescription medications due to Federal Law.


We are committed to offering outstanding quality and service and we are here to serve you Monday through Friday 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM Eastern Time. If you are unhappy with our service, please CONTACT US and let us know the problem. We respond to ALL complaints in a timely manner.

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